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Loyalty Reward Points

All of us at Supreme BC Buds are thrilled to offer our loyal customers the ability to collect points on all future orders.

In fact, we are so thrilled that we are going to credit you with retroactive points dating back to your very first order with us!

How’s it work?

Redeem 20 points during checkout to get one dollar off your order (5% Cash Back).

Earn points!

Earn 100 points ($5 value) just for registering with us!

Earn one point for every dollar spent on our products.

Earn 200 points ($10 value) by referring a friend on their first purchase!

Earn 20 points for every product review left on one of our products. Visit the product page and log in to post a review. Points will be credited after our staff approves the review. It must be a product that you purchased on your most recent order. There is no format required for the reviews, 1-2 sentences is fine, and we encourage honesty but please be respectful or the review will not be approved. We usually approve only one review per order, but we make exceptions 😉

Earn 100 points* for posting a review on one of the following forums:

  • Reddit (r/MOMpics)
  • Reddit (r/CanadianMoMs)
  • CanadianMOMs.info Forum

* Note that reviews on these platforms will need to be in the proper review format for that platform. 1-2 sentences will not suffice. Send us a link to the review either via our website contact form, or else DM our discord account “supremebcbuds.com#2216” and your account will be credited by our staff within 24 hours.

If you ordered from us in the past and haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?

When you register, be sure to use the email address you used for past orders if you want to retroactively collect points for them.

Register now to collect all the points from your previous orders!

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